Waking Jamal

Their physical and mental survival depends on them bonding.

Jamal Zumati joins the military, determined to repay the country that fed and housed him. But during his Hamask activation, his senses go offline and he enters a berserker rage. The United States Hamrammr Program, or USHP, has only one option: put him into hibernation.

Despite his extraordinary ability to read and manipulate situations, Vargr Lt. Rum Walker has stepped on one too many brass toes, and the USHP demoted him back to teaching new candidates. Rum is one paranoid thought away from self-destruction when he is recruited for a covert mission: pull Jamal from hibernation.

The problem is, no one has ever survived a berserker fury—at least not officially. If Rum is to challenge the military stereotypes, he’ll not only need to wake Jamal—he’ll need to get him to agree to bond as a Hamra Pair, the ultimate supersoldier team.

When Jamal and Rum team up with an FBI Hamra Pair to stop the terrorist group Dios Provee, Rum thinks he’ll show Jamal their true potential lies in an equal partnership, but Jamal is convinced Rum should take the lead. Will Rum stop Jamal from going berserk again and destroying both of their futures?

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Some Assembly Required

Amazons are real and taking over Las Vegas.

Renowned photographer Dianne Fender was too late to save her Grandma Maggie. Now, no matter what she has to do or suffer, she is determined to control her psychic abilities so she can protect Liesel Grant, the new Amazon Matriarch. The odds are against her since Liesel has been shot at, kidnapped, robbed, and pissed off by the Mightys—a secret race of superhuman men.

Doctor Sergei Sky must find a cure for the harsh Amazon gene mutations to help his family and others. Dianne, a double Amazon, is his best bet to test his early research. Plus, once he teaches her how to use her powers, she can find Liesel’s stolen codex—an ancient record of the Amazons.

Together they travel to Las Vegas for the first International Amazon conference. Assassination attempts, all you can eat buffets, a Harvest Team out to slaughter those who would expose the Mightys, and a Vegas wedding— Amazon style. Yep, things are totally going as planned. Excerpt

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Bravery Not Included

Amazons are real. Not bullets-and-bracelets Wonder-Woman real, but really real.

Once facing extinction and scattered across the world, women with the rare genetic makeup for super-strength and lightning reflexes have re-emerged through HOAX—Home Of the Amazon eXchange—a website Liesel Grant developed to connect with other freaks l
ike herself.

Then Amazon children start disappearing, the website and their super-strength the only thing they have in common. Desperate families hire Private Investigator Jim Griffon to find the missing kids. Jaded, manipulated and used by powerful women in the past, Griffon refuses to work with Liesel to uncover the kidnappers.

The danger escalates when Liesel's search uncovers evidence that the Amazons aren't the only "secret human race." Instead of scattering and trying to blend in, the Mightys became a secret society of power. When their next patriarch, Jordan Matthews, goes missing, they'll leave only dead bodies in their wake to find him.

Can Griffon put his trust in a woman? Has Liesel's hunt for truth exposed her people to even more danger? Can they find and stop the kidnappers in time? And when Griffon discovers Liesel is an Amazon—stronger than he could possibly imagine—can they find love? Excerpt

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Marriage Most Convenient

Luke Marten’s goal is simple: don’t go on one more crazy adventure with Tom. Knowing how successful he has been in the past, Luke has a backup plan: don’t fall in love. He's a goner when Tom not only proposes but confesses to one seriously hot kink.

For their friendship to survive this marriage, they’ll need to face DOMA, conservative judges, and long held beliefs about each other. Talk about getting caught by the short hairs.

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 G.I. Joe Holiday
Declan Mathews has two objectives after surviving Navy SEAL Hell Week: keep his secrets hidden and enjoy what may be his last Christmas with his family. But Deck’s holiday plans are shot to bits when his commanding officer orders him to sit for artist Mason Cartwright. How in blue blazes is Deck supposed to stay safely in the closet when there’s a gorgeous, funny man staring at his ass for hours on end? It will take a Christmas miracle. excerpt

Rights to G.I. Joe Holiday reverted to me in 2014. I self-published it. Check out the pretty new cover!

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/>Closet Case
Prequel to Rinse and Repeat
In an effort to come out to his mother, Repeater Peat Harris makes the mistake of leaving a message on her voice mail. When she calls him back, he’s in the middle of a Repeat involving a multiple car collision that causes several deaths. As the day replays, things go from bad to worse. Peat is going to need help to stop both disasters because getting it wrong is not an option. excerpt

Higher Learning college anthology from Dreamspinner includes my short story Men's Shirts, Short Skirts.
My goal at the party was to win the costume contest, but when Roger hit on me I thought—when I could unravel my brain—that he’d make a great prize. Until I learned that the cute guy from my psych class wasn’t a closet case I could lure out, but a pledging frat boy with something to prove. His talented tongue might have made me flush with heat, but the only action Roger was going to get would be me teaching him the error of his ways. Except I got it all wrong, and I'm going to need to quick-step it before I lose any chance to win him back. excerpt

first in the Repeater Series
As karma’s west-coast agent, Peat has solved some seriously twisted crimes. After sixty-two days, the same day repeating, over and over, Peat is about to give up on saving Jake. But when your heart’s involved you can’t just walk away. Even if that means walking forward into the bullet’s path.
A year ago Jake’s best friend was gunned down in this same skate park. Playing bait to catch the killer hasn’t resulted in any bites. But now a wicked looking hottie is warning him that he’s about to die, again, unless they can catch the shooter. Yeah right. Then he starts to remember the previous days and the times that he and Peat hooked up. excerpt