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Providing Good Critique
Constructive criticism needs to be exactly that, something a writer can build off of. Writers don’t need useless biased driven commentary. They need actionable suggestions on how to be better writers, how to make a story come alive, and what is missing from their pages. Make sure your freelance editor is helping you to forge good fiction, one word at a time.

The Death of a Character
Writer and Director Joss Whedon, famous for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Avengers, is really good at killing his characters. Doyle, Spike, Wash and Coulson. Their deaths linger with us because he has set up the perfect kill shots. He has his audience fully invested in these characters, cheering them on, before he cuts them down.
In writing your own stories, if you need to kill off a main character or want their death to have an emotional impact on the reader, there are five steps to reach that emotional target.

Word Choice
What makes something sexy? Scary? Intense? Can you create tone and emotion but be brief? Or does it require an intricately detailed story? Choosing the right words can turn your writing from okay to emotionally heavy, powerful. And you want power, yes?

Story Promise
Have you established the right story promise and then seen it through to the end of your story?

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