Rinse and Repeat - Excerpt

Peat had tried to keep his distance. He was only in Boise for the day. Tomorrow, the real tomorrow, he’d be back at college, groin-deep in guys and senior projects.

Reliving the same day was par for the course as a Repeater. And if he’d come from a long tradition of Repeaters, if the Powers That Be had sent Doyle to tell him of his new calling, hell, if he’d walked into a science fiction portal, then it would be easier to accept. But the why behind it, the who that resided behind Dorothy’s black curtain, was unknown. Peat had no fucking clue why him or why them.

He did it because he had no choice. He did it because he had only hope. Hope that it was good or right. That it would make a difference. That the days would stop.

And maybe one day he would know the why. Why Jake and why him.

You can read the whole excerpt here.

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