Holiday Traditions

I live with a Grinch. He growls at the sounds of Christmas music which are band from the house until the week before. My kids 'practice' their holiday songs before he gets home. He waits until the last minute to buy presents, usually online with overnight shipping so he doesn't have to go into stores. And he would happily not decorate at all except for the afore mentioned kids, and some times not even for them.

So what is my favorite Holiday tradition? Finding new ways to torture my Grinch. No just kidding.

He is amazingly good at Christmas giving. He buys me paper and tells me he believes in my writing. He remembers my favorite type and color of pen and picks them up like flowers for his love. He kisses our kid's foreheads when he comes home late after spending ten hours at the office and six at school. And he always makes sure there is milk in the fridge, something he often went without growing up.

So he can growl and grumble and we'll always know, he might dislike Christmas but he will always love us.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes. I live with a Christmas Grinch, too, although I think he wouldn't mind Christmas so much if there weren't other people involved. Happy New Year.

    1. I wrote this three years ago when he was still in school. Looking back we've got it easy now. Happy New Year to you too. Bask in some sun for me!