I miss - Malcolm Reynolds

I'm not a huge television watcher but when I do watch, I can be a complete fan girl. I look for gifs and fan fiction and Facebook Pages and tell all who will listen about my new character obsession. This reoccurring post is all about characters that have taken a permanent spot in my creative playground.

Malcolm Reynolds is the captain of the Serenity from the television show Firefly. The whole cast is nuanced and brilliantly created by the creative power force that is Joss Whedon. Toss in the superb acting chops of Nathan Fillion and you get a character who is fun, rebellious, and loyal.

I met several cosplay brown coats at Salt Lake City Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. It's loads of fun to chat them up and clue them into the comic books that they're missing out on. Specifically the ones that deal with the 'Hands of Blue, Two by Two' during the time between the television show and the movie.

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