Free Dessert

I have this thing about Happy Endings. I read and write romance novels, which by definition end happily. Yet, I've got a pretty wide practical side that doesn't believe in easy love at first try. You got to work for it. Make it worth it. My quirky sense of humor like's the naughty implications of a Happy Ending. Why naughty? They happen at message parlors and cost extra. Google it.

Yesterday my department went to lunch and I saw on their seasonal menu - the single page that the table shares - a dessert called a Happy Ending. Coconut ice cream with mango sauce and snicker doodle cookies. Waitress asks, can I get anyone a dessert and I say, can I have a Happy Ending please. She says, as long as I can have one too. We laugh and she gathers plates around the table and never brings the desert. Even does the receipt and wishes us a good day.

So I ask. Turns out she thought I was teasing. Like asking the phone agent for the winning lottery numbers or world peace. Jokes around the table pop up about Happy Endings. Looking back I wonder what the waitress thought since she didn't know about the desert (first day for the new menu). If I'd been a guy asking would she have been pissed? She ended up bringing one out with lots of spoons. Free.

We get back in the office and my co worker finally realizes what Happy Endings can mean. We'll be heating the office from her blush for weeks.

Guess it's a good thing the dessert was free. Always hard to explain a Happy Ending charged to the corporate account.


  1. Ya gotta love happy endings, especially free ones.

    1. I don't mind paying for mine, especial in book form. Tends to be better quality book when it costs me something.