Done and Off

I reached my goal and submitted Bravery Not Included to Carina Press. Woot! Now we wait. Here is the blurb from the query letter.
Amazons, once facing extinction and scattered across the world, have re-emerged through HOAX – Home Of the Amazon eXchange – a website developed by Leisl Grant. But someone is kidnapping Amazon children, children who only have one thing in common;  HOAX. P. I. Jim Griffon has been hired to find the missing kids. Jaded, manipulated and used by powerful women in the past, Griffon refuses to work with Leisl to uncover the kidnappers.

Can Griffon put his trust in a woman? Has Leisl’s hunt for truth exposed her people to danger? And when Griffon discovers Leisl is an Amazon – stronger than he could possibly imagine – can they find love?

This is the logo I see Leisl using on her website. HOAX. Like?

Thank you for all the encouragement via Facebook. You all rock!

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