Saturday Snark

Marie Sexton, here, puts up little snarky excerpts from her writing each Saturday and a blog hop ensues. For my first time participating I an excerpt from Men's Shirts, Short Skirts. Enjoy and then check out all the other snark by going to Marie's site and following the lovely links.

He looked me in the eye and kept looking. Holy smokes he is sexy. I sighed and my mouth took that as permission to open and dump words on his head.

“I am so sorry. I didn‘t know he was your dad or that you weren‘t out to him. Your brother should have said something. Not that that‘s an adequate defense for being a complete idiot, but he should have said something.” I shook my head. “No, it‘s my fault.”

Roger stood up from his desk and stepped in front of me. “Dad said that you taught the team the line dance.”

I blinked. “Yeah, I did.”

“I love to line dance.”

“Great for you! What the fuck about your dad?” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I smacked the side of my head and groaned.

He laughed and I realized two things: one, he had a sexy laugh, musical and unrestrained. I love men who can laugh. Two, I realized it was the first time I‘d ever heard him laugh. I wanted to make him laugh again.

“Can I just say that brother of yours has two left feet? We worked two hours just on the chorus steps. Two. I kept saying left, and he would step all over the chick next to him.”

He laughed and took another step toward me.

“Sure the man can sing, but with moves like this….” I did a snazzy two-step tap with flaying arms.

“No way was he that bad.”


Read more about Nate and Roger in the Higher Learning anthology.

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