18 Days Unitl Release of Rinse and Repeat

I originally hoped to have a blog tour in anticipation of my first full length book coming out. Heck, in the early days, I thought I would sell my first book and I would plan a whole marketing campaign, spend a year creating buzz, being interviewed and having a launch party.

Instead I sold in August and now a little over five months later my book is coming out! And I am thrilled. And I am giddy (though that maybe sleep deprivation). And I am too busy to do any of the above.

You see I went back to school to get my bachelors and now 15 months later I am two weeks from graduation with a major Capstone project to complete, 18 credit hours besides and a determination to maintain my GPA.

Then there is the full time job, the family and the nonprofits I volunteer for. Oye vey!<- a little Yiddish (I'm researching Judaism for a future book in my spare time).

Once school is done I'll have more time to write and promote my writing. Until then, think fondly of me or think me foolish.

Rinse and Repeat - 18 days and counting


  1. Hey Amberly,
    Love your blog page and the watercolors! Great idea! Funny how reality can be so much different from our original plans. Which as I have been learning, translates into you have a life, family, work, etc.. that you have to fit around your writing - or is that the other way around? Anyways- good luck and I can't wait for the big release of Rinse and Repeat!!!

  2. I've a friend who's a bored trophy husband and is planning the marketing campaign for my own forthcoming title, Rocking the Boat. Perhaps you could find a bored trophy spouse? ;-)

  3. Amberly,
    After seeing the cover for Rinse and Repeat, I can't wait to read your book. Wow, school, kids, a job and volunteering, how do you ever find time to write? Could it be because you are a writer and can't help it? By the way, I love the colors and look of your Blog site.

  4. Amberly this is wonderful. I am sorry that RL is so busy for you, good luck with school and getting your project done.

    I'd like to know how you find time to write. I barely can squeeze it in either.

    I like your blog. I just put one together myself

  5. Trying to go a million ways - been there - am doing that. Hang in there and congratulations.

  6. Congratulations on your sales, Amberly. It's so exciting to watch your career take off. And right when you're graduating too. Good luck as you launch into this new phase of life. :)

  7. Oh my, congratulations on everything - first sale, first release, completing your degree, raising a family, volunteering - and a great website, too. Best of luck!