I always forget that starting blogs or websites are a bit
like starting a book. Daunting, overwhelming, changeable. But that last one
gives me hope. It can be a crappy first draft and I can fix it, make it better.
Apply a little Margie Lawson magic with a deep edit. Kill it and start again.
Bury the first post under awesome newer posts so no one sees how poor the first
attempt was.

Like my first attempt at writing genre fiction which was a reverse Green Card.
Remember that movie with Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell? But in my book
my Heroine was marrying the hero for French citizenship. She liked him and he
liked her and it was soundly rejected. And they were so totally right to do so
because there was no conflict, nothing that moved the story along.

But I established some good practices writing that book. Research what you
don't know and use what you do.

Welcome to my website. I am just over thirty days away to having my first book
go on sale, G.I. Joe Holiday a gay romance from Dreamspinner Press. More on
that soon including the fun research I did for the book. On this page you'll
find my bio, a link to my social media sites and the option to subscribe to my

What is your favorite romantic comedy?

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