Another Chance to Read

The rights to G.I. Joe Holiday, a Christmas short story, reverted back to me so I'm indie publishing it. This will give new readers a chance at it's fine pages. Deck and Mason hold a soft spot in my heart because they were my first published work. I sold it a month before Do Ask, Don't Tell was repealed.

Here's the blurb:
G.I. Joe Holiday by Amberly Smith

Declan Mathews has two objectives after surviving Navy SEAL Hell Week: keep his secrets hidden and enjoy what may be his last Christmas with his family. But Deck’s holiday plans are shot to bits when his commanding officer orders him to sit for artist Mason Cartwright. How in blue
blazes is Deck supposed to stay safely in the closet when there’s a gorgeous, funny man staring at his ass for hours on end? It will take a Christmas miracle.

Here is an excerpt. Available, at the awesome price of $0.99, at Amazon.

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