In the know about dog breeds

I was driving my daughter to school because she had missed the bus. She was chattering about the neighbor kids and I was vaguely listening as I obeyed all the traffic laws. *don't snicker*

“He says they are pimple dogs.”


“Dave and me were—“

“Did you say pimple dogs?” I enunciated very carefully.


“Do you mean little fuzzy dogs that bark a lot?” My husband calls them footballs so why couldn’t my daughter call them pimples?

“No, like Superman. You know, pimple dogs.” She has this way of explaining things when she knows something I don’t know. Carefully, confident that with patience and time I'll finally catch up.

Superman is Dave’s dog, a sweet, dopey puppy the size of my car. I thought about it for a moment, looked in the review mirror in time to see her give me the raised eyebrows. “Pit bull?” I said it again, emphasizing the t and that it was two words.

“Yeah, pit bull. Superman is a pit bull.”

Yes, yes he is.

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  1. Don't you love the way kids twist words? Write them down because you won't remember them all and they are too precious to lose.