Please Call Again

I remember the first time I saw a Please Call Again sign in a store window. We had our own pharmacist (father was a diabetic, sister is asthmatic) who wasn't part of some chain store. They sold home made caramels at the check out counter and I'd look through their greeting cards while we waited for the prescriptions to be filled. Best caramels I've ever tasted. The sign hung on the glass door and probably said Open on the other side. I thought it was so weird that the sign didn't say Come Again and Mom had to explain that visiting used to be calling. You paid a call or went and visited way before they even had phones.

Why the trip down memory lane? I just realized that comments for this site weren't notifying me. Lovely friends and readers stopped by to say kind things, they came to call and I didn't know. So, I'm sorry I missed your call. Please Call Again!

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